We love the work we do.

We are proud to share the work we did with ecostore to embed circular thinking and create a NPD roadmap for the next 5 years.

 Other projects.

– Designing a closed loop beverage as service model

– Co-designing with Auckland Enviroschools on a bottle return program

- Sharing our knowledge of Circular Economy and the Bioeconomy at Tech Futures Lab

– Hosted Circular Design Days for Ecostore and Bauer Media

– Designing a consumer behaviour change program for the Fashion Industry

– Advising on packaging redesign for a global beauty brand


We don’t want to go to another management consultancy and get a report telling us what to do. We want to engage with the codesign of what the future looks like.”
— Banking Client
“I learnt that the problem is bigger than expected and that solutions will require everyone to play a role, from the consumer to business to government. The design sprint itself was a great opportunity to understand various and diverse perspectives on the issues we face.”
— Plastic Design Sprint Participant
“Holding a circular design day with Circularity was not only an excellent leadership team exercise but a great reminder of the principles ecostore was founded on. Working with Louise we were able to take a step back, assess our current status and look at ways to innovate and improve. A great facilitator with excellent knowledge of the circular economy and the various ways to approach problems or opportunities from a circular perspective. I have no doubt that the spark created from this day will help shift ecostore into its next innovation. Thank you to Louise and the team at Circularity!”
— Pablo Kraus, Managing Director, Ecostore

Partners, Collaborators, Friends.


Benefits from working with us.

Solve your environmental challenges - redesign your products and systems to reduce waste and resource inefficiencies

  • Unlock Value - globally there is $2 trillion to unlock by shifting to circular economy models.

  • Learn by Doing -move beyond the sustainability report and co-design the future you want

  • Create a culture of participation -meaningfully engage and unite your staff and customers

  • Collaborate across industries to solve your biggest challenges