With 20+ years experience in global strategic brand development, human-centered design thinking and emerging disruptive technology, Louise Nash has founded Circularity with the purpose of empowering problem solving for a radically changing world.

Following a career as a Chief Strategy Officer, in 2017 she undertook a Master of Technological Futures at The Tech Futures Lab with a focus on developing a methodology to unlock the circular economy advantage.

This methodology is draw from circular case studies, thought leaders and research on how to make the shift from a linear model to a circular one for organisations, businesses and nations.

This simple, yet powerful framework empowers people to solve environmental challenges and unlock economic value by becoming circular by design.


This had led to her contribution to the first Circular Economy report produced by the Sustainable Business Network and Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development for the Auckland region.

To realise this $8.8Billion opportunity for Auckland we need to make circular desirable for businesses and consumers alike.

I found your leadership style very inspiring and you were very easy to talk and relate with, which helped greatly.
— Bauer Media Circular Design Sessions

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