Business strategy with a circular mindset.

Good for the planet and good for business.

We work with businesses to unearth the problems worth solving, and empower them with tools and strategies to create genuine innovation and change.

Our Circular by Design methodology builds capability and unlocks a way of thinking that empowers and activates change.

It does this by using systems thinking to understand not only the cause but also the opportunity for redesign.

This is innovation next frontier.


So how do we make the shift to a more regenerative, low carbon economy?

By making a mindset shift with our Circular by Design methodology – unlocking circular thinking and empowering innovation to activate real change.

Bringing science, technology and sustainability together in new ways to radically redesign business for the circular economy.

Inspiring, yet practical steps to get your businesses closer to a circular future state. Leveraging and learning from solutions that already exist, ready to be actioned by your business.

We explore six circular methods with your team.

Holding a circular design day with Circularity was not only an excellent leadership team exercise but a great reminder of the principles ecostore was founded on. Working with Louise we were able to take a step back, assess our current status and look at ways to innovate and improve. A great facilitator with excellent knowledge of the circular economy and the various ways to approach problems or opportunities from a circular perspective. I have no doubt that the spark created from this day will help shift ecostore into its next innovation. Thank you to Louise and the team at Circularity!”
— Pablo Krauss, Managing Director Ecostore

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Circular projects.

Find your problem. Map your system. Unlock your circular advantage.

We are working with organisations to solve some of the worlds biggest challenges by unlocking their circular advantage.

Using our methodology we empower and engage organisations to become circular by design.

We map the system you are in, understand the consumer needs and behaviour and identify the challenge to solve.

We unlock your circular advantage by applying our six circular superpowers.

How we can create closed loop systems? What smart materials can replace non-renewables?

How might embedded intelligence measure, track and authenticate supply chains?

How might we turn products into services?

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Circular design sprints.

We take you from a problem to solve to a market tested circular prototype in five days.

Accelerating the circular economy requires collaboration across and within industries to redesign products and systems. In these workshops we facilitate 'systems thinking' design sprints to explore how might we redesign your brand or business to become circular. How might we treat waste as a resource?, share assets, leverage emerging disruptive technologies to create circularity? How might we engage citizens to create behavioural change and mass adoption?

In these design sprint workshops we help define your 'superpowers', understand your consumers need, unpack the ecosystem you play in and together redesign a circular business.

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Circular speakers.

Looking for an engaging speaker at your next event?

At a recent event, 71% rated us 5/5, 29% 4/5.

We love to share our knowledge to engage and empower others.

Topics include:

  • Disrupting Business as Usual - a framework for Innovation

  • The Future Consumer, Now

  • The New Plastics Economy.

  • Accelerating the circular economy through systems design.

Listen to our Radio New Zealand interview with Jessie Mulligan: