We design products and platforms for the circular economy.

Are you looking for new, sustainable ways to grow your business?

Are you wanting to explore new ventures in technology and sustainability?

We help you redesign a product or service for the circular economy.

One that achieves economic growth without environmental degradation.

This could be a new business model, a digital platform or a new product produced from waste.

  Our services range from circular activations, workshops and consultancy.

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circular Activations

Engage consumers with your sustainability message.

Waste can be a resource. The technology is advancing so quickly we are seeing car molds being made into surfboards, fishing nets into shoes.

We can help research and design large scale circular activations like these to propel your sustainability message forward, engaging new customers and growing your business.

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circular workshops

We take you from a problem to solve to a market tested circular prototype in five days.

Accelerating the circular economy requires collaboration across and within industries to redesign products and systems. In these workshops we facilitate 'systems thinking' design sprints to explore how might we redesign your brand or business to become circular. How might we treat waste as a resource?, share assets, leverage emerging disruptive technologies to create circularity? How might we engage citizens to create behavioural change and mass adoption?

In these design sprint workshops we help define your 'superpowers', understand your consumers need, unpack the ecosystem you play in and together redesign a circular business.

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circular Consultants

Don't know where to begin?

We produce and share a range of materials to help accelerate knowledge in this new and exciting area. We love sharing what we know and connect with others to help accelerate the circular opportunity.

Our 2018 Circular Economy Research conducted with Bauer Media surveyed 790 NZ'ders 18+ to understand their needs in this area. We apply these insights to identify unmet needs and create products and platforms to meet them.

Read our blog, see the case studies and get in touch for speaking engagements or new connections.